Majora's Mask

Reverse Bottle Adventure Challenge



Reverse Bottle Adventure (RBA) is a glitch that was found in Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This glitch involves using a Bottle on the B Button which is only ever intended to have swords on it with some item exceptions in the case of minigames. With the way that bottles were programmed getting one onto the B Button gives the player some control over their inventory. When using a bottle the game has a way of looking up where the data should be written based on which C Button it is on. With a bottle on the B Button the numeric ID of whatever item the player has on the C-Right Button will then be used as to where to write the data. This means by placing different items on C-Right then catching or releasing with the B Button bottle the player can write data wherever they want (to an extent). The player can give themselves songs, equipment upgrades, spiritual stones or medallions, etc. Additionally they could even potentially delete these types of things as well.

This glitch still exists in Zelda: Majora's Mask. However due to changes with the different forms of Link the glitch was significally reduced in what it can do. The offsets at which data can be written became hardcoded as either 0 or 255. 0 corresponds to the Ocarina of Time item slot while the 255 are some scene flags. So this begs the question "What could be done with RBA in Majora's Mask if it still worked the same as Ocarina of Time?". Well that is exactly what this ROM Hack is designed around.

Since Majora's Mask focuses a lot around the 4 different forms of Link and they each play a key role in the game I decided to incorperate this into the challenge. Depending on which form of Link the player currently is will then adjust the offset for where the data will be written. Each form of Link adds a multiple of 8 onto the offset.


Since RBA doesn't normally work the same in Majora's Mask how do I know what RBA's I can do?

It is not expected for any general player to know the layout of the data in memory and what items would correspond to what. For this I created a Tool to show what data is where and what item will allow the player to access it.

Since the form of Link used will affect the RBA make sure to select which one you wish to use! Each form adds a multiple of 8, starting with 0.
Child: +0 Deku: +8 Goron: +16 Zora: +24

A Twist!

The RBA Challenge is not just a vanilla version of the game with the addition of Ocarina of Time styled bottle mechanics. Some things about the game have changed. One example of this is Beneath the Well. Do not expect to know what items and quanities the Gibdos desire!

The Ice Arrow is ours! Only those who can meet our desires may have a chance to claim it.

The Goals

Below you will find a list of goals. These goals are designed such that at least one RBA will be required to complete it. The idea is rather simple. Complete all of the goals and you have completed the RBA Challenge! All of the goals are intended to follow the bingo rules. This means that all goals must be true upon finishing. So if any goal will reset when the player uses the Song of Time then it may be a good idea to do these potentially last. Otherwise the player may find they need to do the goal again if they unset it.


Have 30 max Deku Sticks.
(must be colored green)


Have 25 Great Bay Temple Small Keys.
(must enter the dungeon and show the key display)


Have 50 Woodfall Temple Stray Fairies.
(must show the textbox or fairy count)


Have 33 Double Defense Hearts.
(must have at least 34 heart containers)


Have Big Bomb Bag and Biggest Bomb Bag.
(Big Bomb Bag in Quiver Slot)


Once all the other goals have been completed end the RBA Challenge by playing Saria's Song.


Ready to get started? Below is the ROM Patcher. Choose which console you would like to use.

Click on the open ROM Patcher button to open the Patcher. Open an original Majora's Mask ROM. Select which version you would like. Click apply patch and save the new ROM.

Even if you want to play on Wii Virtual Console you will need to open the Nintendo 64 ROM in the patcher then apply the patch.

Notice: As soon as the ROM Patcher is opened it will automatically begin fetching the patch files and download them.

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